Which of Axial’s kits and RTR is the best

Axial makes a number of different scale crawlers that are all built of the same structure, but some with different parts and electronics. This forces people question which one is the best? There are six different ready to run scale crawlers that axial makes and they all have advantages and disadvantages. After looking over all of the different cars, the Trail Honcho shows that it definitely has some of the best parts for the lowest price.

The trail honcho has parts that beat out most other crawlers including the Power Wagon, the Recon G6 Falken Edition and the Deadbolt. The trail honcho has upgraded metal drive shafts that allow more torque before the drive shafts strip or break (Scx 10 Vehicles).  This makes the Honcho stronger and a better product than these other cars. The Honcho also comes with LED lights for the front and the back. None of the other crawlers come with lights, which are accessories that are as much as for looks as they are for use. They come in handy, of course, whenever you are crawling during the night. One more product that comes stock in the Honcho is the 1.9 r35 ripsaw tires, which are claimed to be the best stock tires that Axial makes. These tires stick to much more surfaces and the trad makes it able to bite into most surfaces. This gives the Honcho a big advantage compared to other tires like the Maxxis Trepador tires.

Another advantage of the Honcho is its priced compared to the other two vehicles that come with the same upgrades as the Trail Honcho does.  The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon has all of the same upgrades, but instead costs three hundred eighty dollars (CKRC Crawlers). The same goes for the Casey Currie Edition as the price is upwards of four hundred dollars, the only difference is that the Casey Currie has a light bar and a couple extra lights. The trail honcho, on the other hand has all of the upgrades as the Unlimited Rubicon and everything except the lights from the C/R Edition but only costs around three hundred forty dollars (Axial SCX 10 Trail Honcho). This makes the Honcho superior to some in parts and the ones that have the same parts are much more expensive than the Trail Honcho.

There is one car that could be considered better than the Trail Honcho, due to the lowest price of all the different crawlers at 299 (Axial Racing – SCX10 Deadbolt). The problem is that the Deadbolt has none of the upgrades that are included with the Trail Honcho, the only advantage is the fact that it is fifty dollars cheaper. It is not worth it to have that fifty dollars when it is probably going to be used to upgrade the crawler anyway. Where the Trail Honcho already comes with the parts installed so that you do not have to install them yourself.

In the end, all of Axial’s products are good ones, but when it comes done to it, the Honcho is superior because of its lower price and better quality parts. Including metal drive shafts, lighting and better tires.

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