Which makes the better products, ECX or Traxxas?

ecx-LOGOVS traxxas

Traxxas is the biggest name in RC, they have made countless products both entry-level like the Slash and Bandit, and more advanced like the Emaxx and E Revo. ECX on the other hand is the new in the world of RC, but have already thrown out some great entry-level cars that rival the slash, including the Torment, Ruckus, Circuit and Boost, all two-wheel drive. They also make more advanced models like the brush-less Torment and Ruckus as well as the 4wd Torment and Ruckus.The differences in these different brands are the weight and how sturdy the cars are, the price, and the availability and range of products.

One thing that i have noticed on comparison between these two brands, for example the Torment and the Slash, is that the Slash is made with a lot more metal and stronger pieces than the Torment. These observations where shown in effect when I took both my Torment and a friends Slash and put them head to head on a flat surface, the speed could not be fairly judge because of the different parts and motors and batteries. Either way when my Torment finally hit top speed the car began to wobble and the whole thing begun to shake and shudder until finally the entire car flipped tearing of my front wheel along with the drive shaft and a-arm. It was quite a spectacle to see my car go flying into bits of plastic and a wheel…. On the other hand the Slash performed fine with no shaking or movement that was unwanted or caused by high speeds. Although that was fine and dandy, the slash is slower than the torment with the extra weigh tin all of the parts, which makes the torment a better entry level product along with the other ECX entry cars.

The price of these two cars vary greatly, the Torment coming at 180 dollars (ECX) compared to the slash that comes in about 260 (Traxxas). The price difference is immense and causes a lot of people to go with the Torment, making the Torment the better entry-level vehicle. Especially since Traxxas has been revamping all of their products making them better as well as making the price go up with it. Some of their models that were once entry-level are now upwards of 900 dollars. (Could This be The End of Traxxas Entry Level)In my opinion the end price is not worth the extra weight and strength.

One thing that does make Traxxas better is that they have a much larger availability of parts and cars around the US, at all different types of hobby stores (Traxxas Products). All hobby stores carry Traxxas parts and cars. Unfortunately not everyone carries ECX. That is starting to change very quickly though, as ECX becomes more and more popular, stores are stocking more and more parts (ECX). This problem will quickly be revised as more and more people order from ECX.

In the end, for a entry level car, ECX makes the better products and for the best price. They aren’t to fast to control for a beginner. Slash makes some products that are better than ECX, but they cannot get their prices that low. Altogether Traxxas makes some good products, but they cannot compete on entry level with such high prices compared s to ECX.


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