How are RC Crawlers Customized?

Super Scale

This post is solely devoted to RC Crawlers, their many accessories, hardware and the different brands of Crawlers. RC Crawlers are one of the biggest types of surface RC because of the extreme detail in the body and the range from of accessories like having functioning lights or even a sleeping bag strapped to the top of the roof. The accessories make an RC Crawler look very realistic and can be customized to anyone’s needs. Another factor in accessories is that they are not that hard  to make on your own. At the end of this post are a few “how to’s” for some accessories.

Most RC Crawlers are 1/10 scale, almost done to a centimeter, this is another reason RC people are so attracted to Crawlers, extreme attention to detail. Examples include having rear view mirrors attached to the side of a car or having a fire extinguisher rolling around in the trunk. (Axial) Other accessories are coolers, sleeping bags, people and miniature logs. More expensive accessories could be things like working winches or even functioning lights (CKRC).

Scale Accessories

RC Crawlers are very easy to customize on your own, this is another reason Crawlers are so popular. Not only the cosmetic aspect but the hardware and electronics that go into the crawler.

For example the suspension system in RC cars vary from the type, like a three link or a four link suspension system or from the material, like plastic, aluminum or titanium. The price greatly varies from a plastic three link, around ten or fifteen dollars, to a four link titanium suspension system, one hundred dollars plus. Many people make their own links which a lot of people enjoy that as well.

SCX10 Titanium Link

These are titanium links in a four link suspension system.


The electronics in RC Crawlers can also be customized. There are different things like an ESC (Electronic Speed Control), a battery, a motor, a steering servo and the receiver. An ESC is not a big one, as int he world of crawling power to the motor isn’t a big deal.  A battery on the other hand is a big factor in why Crawlers are popular. The bigger batteries and power consumption in RC Crawler allows crawlers battery life to last for three hours and up. A steering servo makes the crawler turn, what makes this able to customize is the different weight of turning power. (Benfield 26)

onyx Battery

The biggest item in Scale Accessories is , of course, the body. The majority of scale accessories are attached to the body or to a roof rack on top of the body. The body could have a hard top and cover up the inside like a regular car. It can also have a role cage with an open back. The point of the roll cage is to protect whatever is inside from getting smashed into a pancake. Lights are can also be attached to the body in a bucket set or in a light bar.

RC Body 2 RC Body 1


One last accessory, as seen above, is a bumper, often used to mount winches, lights, tow hooks or maybe even a license plate, it is also very essential to crawling.

Homemade Scale Accessories


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  1. groe6284 says:

    does your crawler have a tow hook


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