The Different Types of RC Vehicles

There are lots of different type of Radio Control Vehicles. This blog is really only concerning surface vehicles, while planes, helicopters and boats are cool and all, but Surface is where its at. In surface RC Cars there many different subcategories, these include Short Course Cars/Trucks, RC Crawlers, Tour Cars and Nitro Buggies.


Short Course

In Short course the only goal is speed with a little bit of handling. The body of these cars are usually very light and they are usually best wui brushless motors in the back of the body. The shell is usually very light and fairly wide as the cars do not have to squeeze into any tight spaces as the track is wide. Problems with short course RC cars is that they become to light and as soon as they take any contact they flip and crash. Short course cars are cheap compared to other types of RC cars and are what most people buy when they first enter the world of RC cars. Short course cars are light because they are mainly made out of plastic, making them very easy to break. All in all short course RC is a great way to get started in the world of RC because of the low price and the simplicity of the set up of the car itself. This makes it one of the bigger names in RC. (RC Forum)

Custom Bruser Poison Spyder

RC Rock Crawlers

RC Crawlers have been rapidly expanding in the last few years, they have now become on of the most popular and demanding type of car today. Most models run a brushless motor anywhere from a speedy twenty turn to a high torque fifty five turn. Because of so much variation each car is different or can be made different to suit whatever type of crawling you do or want to do. One example is waterproofing, all cars say they are waterproof but in all reality they are damaged by water that goes past the half way mark of the tire (The Truth About Waterproof). The biggest difference between Crawlers and Short Course Cars is the suspension systems and the terrain/speed. In RC Crawlers the suspension system is highly complex compared to Short Course. The suspension in a Crawler usually comprises of a three or four link suspension system that comes plastic in stock but can be upgraded to aluminum or titanium. The links are what allow the crawler to climb up and over rocks as seen in the picture above. The suspension system allows the car to bend in extreme ways without breaking or causing any damage to the body or hardware(Properly Build Suspension and Steering Link). Speed and Terrain are two more factors that make these tow cars differ, but thy go hand in hand with one another. The reason crawlers go so much slower than Short Course cars is because they need the torque that they get from the loss of speed to help them get over the steeper rocks and bumps. If Crawlers didn’t have the torque they couldn’t get where they get now. Crawlers also have stronger steering servos, lots more hardware, bigger tires, different drive shafts and an overall different set up when it comes to where the motor, gearing and speed control is located.


Tour Cars

Above is a prime example of a type of touring RC car. I myself do not own any Touring Carts but I have done my research. Tour Cars are either powered by electricity with an electric motor or by Nitro through a combustion engine. They are for    on-road only due to the very low body style that is low to help with aerodynamics (Drift and Touring). Touring cars are very show-full and flashy. They usually have some sort of led lights or light strip along the inside of the body. They are also very detailed and made to look as realistic as possible. Crawlers are very similar in this way as crawlers have lights as well but only for more practical reasons. Tour cars are also very similar to short course cars because the main goal is speed, although Tour cars are a lot more exotic that Short Course the basic principle is the same. Touring Cars are also a lot smaller than any other 1/10th scale RC. This is to make the RC Car as light as possible so the car can have a quicker acceleration and greater top speed. Touring Cars generally race on asphalt or some other hard material (Best 1/10 Touring Car) as the wheels are much smaller and generally built for streets. Tour cars are built for speed and speed alone, handling is not as big as a factor as in other RC Vehicles because the surface never changes and generally is very easy to grip.

In conclusion all of the RC Cars have there advantages and disadvantages but in the end that is what makes all of them unique and successful. Either way, in my opinion, Crawlers and Short Course are still  the best.

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