Radio Control Car/Crawler Hobbies

Hey Guys, here is a little information about my RC Cars.

I got into Rc Cars because of my dad. He has had a Nitro powered 4wd buggy for over ten years and seeing him drive, of course, made me want to get one when i was younger. Luckily, when i got my first ride, electric cars were finally picking up in speed. I ended up with an ECX Torment and i still have it now. Since then i have put plenty of money into it and it now has a 80 amp Hobbywing Esc and a 3300 Kv brushless  Dynamite motor, and, of course, a 3c lipo battery. From there I have dabbled in many other things like rock crawlers. More specifically my own Axial SCX-10 Falken Edition. Through these two cars i have researched a ton and gained plenty of knowledge, although it may be a little biased.

Anyway, this blog is to spike interest among my fellow RC Hobby people, whether you drive crawlers or tour cars. My main interest for this blog is for Rock Crawlers and for Short Course Cars. This includes things like judging an RC Cars speed and how different items affect its speed, the best Rock Crawlers, The best Short course car/truck, which axial crawler is he best, ECX vs. Traxxas, determining how fast is to fast (for crawlers, Short course and more), which is the cheapest and best rc car to get in to and what are the different types of events and are they all family friendly.

SCX 10 Falken Edition

SCX 10 Falken Edition


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